Dungeon Masters Guild Part Two – Money

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I’m enjoying adding content to the Dungeon Masters Guild. Here’s a link to my current list of products:


Out of the five products that have been up for a week or more, two are Pay what You Want, and the others have a set price.

Here is a screen capture of the sales and downloads:

Royalty - 2-29The two titles with the most downloads were Pay what You Want. They are also the two titles bringing in the least amount of money.

If my intention is to make money, I think that I have to put a set price. I will get fewer downloads, but more royalties per download.

If my intention is to provide content (and not money) I either lower my cost to the bare minimum ($.50) or set as Pay what You Want.

I’m adding a new article this week (Gladiator Prestige Class) and going with the lowest cost. I do want to add content – that was one of the original purposes of this website, along with learning about how to make content.

Looking at the 10 most popular products on the DM’s Guild, 5 are pay what you want, 4 are one dollar or less, and 1 is $4.99. The $4.99 product is a 100+ page set of additional resources for Dungeon Masters – a tremendous deal.

My revised plan going forward is to price small products (normally 2-4 pages) at $0.50, and then try and stay under $2 for everything else.

Hopefully this will find the thin line between more downloads and a little extra spending cash.

I know that I said I would switch to Pay what You Want, but after looking at what I have gotten from the current Pay what You Want products, I do not see any benefit t0 giving away both the content and the rights to it for nearly nothing.

For a much better discussion of Costs and Efforts for Adventures see Alphstream’s excellent blog post here.

Also, I am paying my wife (High School English Teacher) to proof read most of the articles. While she is cutting me a serious discount it does cost me more than the normal Husband Karma points.


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