Big Boss Battles

A few weekends ago my friends held an all day game event. Two different games, Star Trek in Savage Worlds and DnD 5e (followed by some Rock Band). Both games… Read more »

Gaming Ideas from Work

I work in a cube farm. It’s a small cube farm, with a small company, but a cube farm nonetheless. I work in tech support. Customers ask me questions about… Read more »

Using GM NPCs

I’ve started playing Tomb of Annihilation (ToA) with my kids. We’re just starting the adventure, but one thing I’ve noticed is it introduces GM NPCs as part of the group…. Read more »

GenCon50 Day 3 & 4

Saturday of GenCon50 was all about the Dealers Room. Even though we had been there a few times,  the previous days, we didn’t spend a lot of time. Hardest part… Read more »

GenCon50 – Day 2

See the previous post for information about Day 0 & 1 Up early again for day 2 of Gencon. My Love Boat game was at 8AM, so that means everyone… Read more »

GenCon50 – Day 0 & 1

With two extra family members going this year, we started very early Wed for our ten hour drive. Not counting one inattentive minivan, it was an uneventful trip. Our hotel… Read more »