Dungeon Masters Guild – First Product(s)

After contemplating (yea, that’s what I was doing while the site was inactive – contemplating) for a few days, I’ve decided to move the Cleric Domains from here to the Dungeon Masters Guild. I messed up with the settings – they were supposed to be Pay What you Want, but I messed something up and that is not an option to change until I am verified as a publisher. Right now they are $3.00.

I like the idea of the DMs Guild, and appreciate that Wizards and One Book Shelf is giving people a place to put their ideas. Especially that you can add “generic” or non-setting specific material out there. For my cleric domains I thought of adding Forgotten Realms deities, but they list domains right next to the entry. Players can figure this stuff out on their own.

I realize that other folks could now use the Domains I created in their own products. And after thinking about it for a few days I realized that that is awesome. I play the game for fun. I create stuff for the game for fun. The more people having fun, the better I feel.

An update before I even posted. I have added another product – Sorcerous Origin – this time it is Pay What You Want (or $0.50). Links for both are below

First set of Cleric Domains

Sorcerous Origin

(Yep, first typo – sigh – reloaded and fixed – I hope)

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