Weekly GMing – Re-Prepping a Game

After a three week break, I am back in the GM chair (I have my favorite chair). When I left the game, it was in a little bit of a suspenseful situation (the PCs don’t know it – the players do). In my head I have a good idea of where we are, but I know that there will be a few different versions of how things were left.

A few different perspectives:

My loner player. He is off on his own and his PC doesn’t know what the other PCs are doing. It’s not as important for him to know what the others are doing. His part is easy, he often divorces his activities from the others.

The note-taker. I have a couple of players that are great at taking notes of names, etc. They will know exactly where we are – sometimes more than me. What they may not know are details of locations. For example King Fearless is their enemy, but they don’t note that his cave is guarded by treants.

The map-maker. I don’t really have anyone like this in the group. With 5e and Savage Worlds maps are not as important. In our current situation, the PCs just have a sketch from one of the NPCs, and I have not expanded on this. Tactical battle is a different thing, but those maps are not normally transferred from session to session. Also, map recording is often done by snapping a picture on a phone or other mobile device.

The I just want to play don’t really care. They are probably just there to play with their friends. Their PC is important, but only in relation to the others and to make sure they can keep up in the combats.

Since I am prepping a module (Rise of Tiamat), I have some basics to cover. Keeping up with all the changes I made is more important.

Let you know how things went next week.

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