Weekly GMing – A PC under every rock

No gaming this past week. Work combined with family commitments took over my normal evening for dice rolling.

So what to do when no gaming? It’s time to recharge the batteries. I like to envision how to turn all the random media I see in a week into a Role Playing game. Here’s what the last week had for options.


Spy – Humorous take on Bond movies with Melissa McCarthy. Standard super spy team with the charismatic hero, nerdy desk jockey, gadgeteer, and black widow (not that Black Widow). Easy enough to create a nemesis with an army of goons. Do it in Savage Worlds.

Captain America: Civil War – Too Easy. Done in Champions, or Savage Worlds.


Book of Air and Shadows by Michael Gruber – Long Lost Shakespeare manuscript and the race to find it. Cops, attorneys, book fanatics, “super powered” librarians. How about Bookhounds of London, Gumshoe (nearly the same thing), or Nights Black Agents.


The Voice (my not so secret guilty pleasure) – Compete against the other players by combining your singing talents with your fashion and pop culture skills to convince viewers to vote for you. How about a twist where the final performers team up to stop an evil corporate plot to take over the minds of “normal” Americans. The system is the tough one here for me. How about Mage or Vampire – replace the supernatural with super singing?

Bones and Supernatural – actually addictions of my lovely wife. Again too easy – see Captain America above. Gumshoe and Nights Black Agents.

This weekend is GenCon event registration – are you ready?

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