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Gaming Ideas from Work

I work in a cube farm. It’s a small cube farm, with a small company, but a cube farm nonetheless. I work in tech support. Customers ask me questions about… Read more »

Using GM NPCs

I’ve started playing Tomb of Annihilation (ToA) with my kids. We’re just starting the adventure, but one thing I’ve noticed is it introduces GM NPCs as part of the group…. Read more »

Games for Robots

I’ve been doing a lot of gaming that is 5e specific the last few months. It’s been the focus of both the games I’m creating and the games I’m playing… Read more »

How Do You One-Shot

My home group has a tendency to miss weeks. Honestly, we try and get together once a week, but work and family and vacations and family and probably work again… Read more »

More Gaming with Kids

Surprisingly ( and wonderfully), my boys and I have kept our weekend sessions going for the past four weeks. In that time I have a few more tips and lessons… Read more »