Addicted to Kickstarter

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Hi my name is Derick and I’m addicted to Kickstarter. It’s been 3 days since I supported a project…hang on..I just need to see if that final stretch goal gets met…it’s really cool, and the campaign is almost over….

Does this sound like you? It isn’t really me, but I may be headed there. I’m bringing up Kickstarter because over the past few days I had a bunch come due – The Strange, Gryphon (starship map), and Dungeon Roll Winter Promo. I also just recently added Super Academy, a local based web series. Don’t ask how much – I won’t tell you.

There are a couple different ways that I categorize Kickstarter campaigns. Thinking about it at the coffee shop this morning, it comes down to a few options. First, so cool I join without thinking. This normally means it’s going to be late or cancelled. Second, I really need that game, and I’m going to support this and see what happens. Notice that I don’t consider the timeframe of the reward (and I’ve started to think of it as a reward – not a guarantee). My longest wait so far is over a year (and still counting – cmon James) while the shortest is about two weeks after the funds clear. Knowing that I’m getting a reward soon is great, but doesn’t have an impact on funding. Although, it may have an impact on how much I fund. Last is the this has something to do with gaming sort of, or something local (or a combination like the Super academy web series).

I feel like overall Kickstarter has been great for gaming. I’ve found more games that I would have never tried (Dungeon World!), and gotten some cool stuff that I wouldn’t have (gaming dice, dice cards).

So I’ll continue to support campaigns, and find new games and inflict them on my friends, family and other players.

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