Wednesday Update

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Update number four. Almost a habit.

Not a very geeky week. No GMing, so no prep for the Dungeon World game.

Game Production

Front is one third done. Needs more editing. May have two pages because of the monster stats.

New monsters including varieties of Kobolds, and new Deep Dwarves.

No new moves (so far).

Tuesday Gaming

My buddy Dave ran a fantasy game in Savage Worlds – epic. The party had to rescue some giant flying lizards so we could then ride them up into the sky and take down dirigibles that were destroying the city we had just liberated. I love Savage Worlds.

General Geekdom

Spent the week playing with a new laptop from work. Moving from Windows to Mac. Lots of things to change.

Running a 5k in the morning and stuffing myself with pie in the afternoon. Friday we head to the Mall of America. LEGO store, Apple store, Eddie Bauer, lunch and a movie. Home by early afternoon, then napping.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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