Wednesday Update

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It’s still Wednesday – three in a row.

Tuesday Gaming:

Completed the next section of Dungeon World game, Angry Gods and Dragons. Still trying to get the PCs to be more descriptive and narrative. Hard. Trying not to speak the names of the moves, but it is still hard for the PCs to not just pick actions from the character sheets.

Game Production:

Delayed a week because the playtest didn’t happen. Lame – I know.

General Geekdom:

Enders Game movie. Didn’t like it. They took too many shortcuts with the story. They did hit every point, but if you knew what the ending was, it seemed too telegraphed. Could have used more Battle Room. That was my favorite part of the book.

Numenera. The Roo Sack Gamers podcast is starting a Numenera game. Makes me want to play, so I’ve been reading the players guide again. System makes more sense. Looking forward to the game starting on the podcast. They’ve just gone through character creation so far.

Card Hunter. Cool free (yay free) card and battle game. Played via browser (flash) from Blue Manchu Games. More detailed review after more playing.

Edge of the Empire. Played a session last Friday. Group went to Coruscant to retrieve an item from a bank vault so we could get a notorious pirate off our backs. OK, so we killed one of his sons and his daughter ran away and is traveling with us – oh yeah and we stole a ship. Great fun. Best part of the night was naming the ship – Kitster’s Dream. Some day we’ll free you Kitster – I promise!

See you next week.

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