Product Beginings

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My first product is started. I’m participating in a 30 day Gaming Bootcamp designed to get a small product up and running on DriveThruRPG. Like I stated in an earlier post, I’m creating a set of linked Fronts for Dungeon World. The first one is already complete and posted on the site. Although, after planning out the entire product and looking t what the other Fronts require, it will of course require editing and trimming. Not a bad thing.

Right now I think I have two major challenges. The first is product related. I have very few skills at art or creating maps, so getting these into the product is a challenge. Second is confidence. I know that getting better at writing requires more writing – it’s why I’m doing this. 30 days is probably not enough time to improve my writing skills to what I would like. But, part of this exercise is to go through the process of having something to sell. The improvement in writing can (and will) take longer no matter what.

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