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Welcome to what will hopefully be a weekly Wednesday Update. I’m borrowing an idea from one of my favorite Star Wars authors/gamers – Sterling Hershey – and trying to dedicate myself to a weekly update. I wont have as many specific Star Wars links as he does – I’m sure there will be a few – I’m just hopeful I can continue to maintain the pace.

Here are the standard topics I’m trying to include

Tuesday Gaming:
My weekly gaming group meets every Tuesday for some sort of gaming. Normally it is a tabletop RPG, but we often default to a board or rarely a card game.

Game Review:
This one is tougher. I have a bunch of games that I play regularly with my friends and family that I would love to review. After that, it might be more difficult. I want to start with Lords of Waterdeep, but will have that in my next post.

Game Production:
How is production of gaming material coming. This section is meant to motivate me. Nothing works better than a deadline.

General Geekdom:
No, not a new rank in the army of Joss Whedon followers. My attempt to shine a little more light on the geek in my life. Could be anything.

So lets throw something out for today – it is Wednesday after all.

Tuesday Gaming:
Following the unfortunate trend of travel, kids, and now weather (it snowed 2 inches during the evening), Tuesday gaming reverted to a board game again. Same as last week we played Lords of Waterdeep. So your aren’t in suspense, I came in third out of four players. One better than my previous last place, only two more games to go and I’ll win based on current trend analyses. This time the Lord with the building focus was the winner. The person had played them before and certainly had a better focus. The thing I noticed most was that different buildings changed a lot of aspects of the game, especially how many and what type of adventurers you could get. I will try and have a better review next week.

I will try and host next week also. If we are short on players again, I want to have a quick one-shot of something ready to go. Maybe Numenera or something with Zombies using Savage Worlds.

General Geekdom:
The first email for GenCon 2014 came out this week. Dates for submitting games, badges and hotel registrations being the most important things. I have been trying to think of something set in Star Wars that wasn’t my Jawa game, and I think I’m going to do a Star Wars|Zombie mash-up titled “Escape from Cosuscant”. Where would the potentially worst place to be in a zombie apocalypse? How about a world spanning city with a trillion people packed tightly together. Not sure on system – either Edge of the Empire or Savage Worlds. Going to start with the characters first. Interesting characters and back story should drive the story of the game. At least that is the hope.

Thanks for reading.

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