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My second game at GenCon is a Savage Star Wars game set in the Clone Wars era. It is a fairly straight forward stop the bad guys with lots of blasters and (hopefully) explosions. Here’s the Description for the GenCon site:

Your unit is taking a break between missions at a little backwater mining colony called Pelham 123. It’s just enough of a space station for a few bacta tanks and some recreation. Clone commanders have been beefing it up here and there, adding a few amenities and using it as an unofficial stopover. As long as no one is shooting at you, you can call it R&R. Of course, for a Clone Trooper a paradise like Pelham 123 can’t ever last.

Game ID’s: RPG1687386 (Thur Noon) & RPG1687387 (Fri 8AM)

Goals for an adventure like this are to make it interesting for the players when they know there is going to be a ton of combat. Three best ways that I know to do this are, interesting location, interesting foes, and interesting PCs.

PCs are the tough one here. Since everyone is a Clone Trooper, they are by definition similar. I have tried to go with different roles (leader, tech, heavy weapons, etc), but it can be tough.

Foes are easier. The Clone Wars provide a huge variety of opponents. Anything from ridiculous battle droids to Sith to Mandalorians. Not going to give this one away here (wait till after GenCon16), but I hope the players enjoy the challenge.

Location is what I hope will make this one a little different. The starting location at least is a space station. I am using a map from Maps of Mastery specifically the Distant Outpost set. Love the maps from Chris. He runs great Kickstarters and normally has a booth at GenCon. Lots of options for great things to happen on a space station, and the map set has a ton of options and extra pieces that can be added.

If you’re curious, I’ve attached pdf’s of the PCs (may not be final version for GenCon) here – SW_Clone_Troops

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