Wednesday Update

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Six in a row, almost feels like a habit. Holidays coming up and both on Wednesday – go figure.

No Tuesday gaming, but did get together with friends on Saturday night to game and drink. Pretty much equal portions of both. Played in the end of a Savage Worlds game, and started an Edge of the Empire game. We got to a good spot for a break and then hit the hot tub. It was all over after that. Hot tub is a marvelous thing when it’s -6 f outside and you can sit in water up to your neck that is 100 f.

The Edge of the Empire module was a Kickstarter reward from d20 Radio, their Order66 podcast. The module is very well put together, but not sure how much Star Wars feel it has. The PCs are collectors for a University, and head off to an asteroid belt to look for a pirate ship that has started disrupting shipping. Feels more like Indiana Jones (still cool). Should have found a way to start with some combat.

Everyone picked up on the dice mechanic pretty fast. I do like the system.

Game Production

None for the week – holidays and kid activities.

Even more holidays and kid stuff coming soon.

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