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I’ve talked before about using maps for inspiration. For the Dungeon Incorporated game I need two sets of maps. PC maps from the completed dungeon and what has happened since. The PCs will start with the before map, and then can use it to navigate whatever has changed in the dungeon.

The biggest issue here is balance (represented by time). How to balance discovery and combat with a time limit (3 1/2 hours). How much is too much? How much distraction is too much distraction? I can hear the improve GMs yelling – it’s not distraction it’s opportunity! I agree. I have a story opportunity and my joy is seeing what happens when the PCs interact with it.

Back to the map. Once I start drawing I need to make sure that the end goal is in site, and make sure that there are a couple different ways to get there. In this case we have an old temple with a variety of traps meant to strand and kill other adventurers. The PCs know where the traps are – they made them. What they don’t know is what has happened to them since they were created. Things like:

  • Is the poison still there?
  • Are the monsters still there?
  • Have the pits been cleaned of dead PCs?

It’s like leaving your house for vacation and seeing what happened to the plants and the lawn (sort of).

Anyway, here’s a glimpse of the map the players will get. Not quite done – so expect some changes.


Now to work on what it really looks like.

See you at GenCon.

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