5e Fighter – Now with More Pirate!

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One of the PCs in my Hoard of the Dragon Queen game is playing a Pirate themed Cleric. We’ve been having some fun detailing what extra domain spells and powers she should have. Started me thinking about a Pirate themed fighter so I took a shot at detailing what a Pirate Martial Archetype would be.

I don’t have a Fighter as one of the PCs so a little sketchy on different options. I tried to focus more on Dex based options and features with a little bit of leadership/infamy thrown in. Expecting a two weapon fighter (rapier and dagger perhaps) so also added a new fighting style. Only real concern is adding the extra Indomitable feature before it is added for a “normal” fighter. I guess I’m also concerned about how they might stack up against the out of the book archetypes.

As always let me know what you think.

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