Hello Star Wars – You Look a Little Strange

Still thinking about the Ep VII cast reveal earlier this week. I love it that so many of the original cast members are back. And, I’m very excited for some of the new cast (Max von Sydow!). Next up comes any information on the story. If they (Abrams and Co.) keep as tight a lid on that as they did on the cast, I’ll be waiting for trailers to get a glimpse and a hint.

So Star Wars news is awesome, but how do you use this in a game?

I’ve been listening to a podcast about the upcoming game from Monte Cook and Bruce Cordell, The Strange. It is about “shadow” worlds that sit along side our own. In the game they are called recursions. What if an act like reading through a movie script could transport a group to that world. A like minded group generate enough “energy” to create or open the world. Then make the PCs actors/producers and have them drawn into a set of worlds based around the movies they have been in.

Another feature of The Strange is that the characters translate abilities when they move from world to world. PCs don’t just go to that world, they change to suit it.

It’s just an idea, and maybe just something to tide me over while waiting for Ep VII (655 days – sigh).

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