Goodbye Star Wars?

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So with the stroke of a lightsaber, all that has come before/during/after becomes a legend.

I guess I’m like most in that there were things I liked (Xwing Series, some of Zahn’s work) and things that I didn’t (Yuuzhan Vong). I didn’t expect much of the EU to make it onto Episode VII, but I also didn’t expect it to get moved completely away.

I am happy that the Clone Wars series is part of the cannon, but that was overseen by Lucas, so not too much of a surprise.

As a gamemaster, I prefer to break cannon where I can. Makes it more interesting for me and for the players I think. Why be second fiddle to the movie characters why not be the most important movers and shakers in the galaxy.

Like I’m sure almost everyone else (except for the inner circle that already know), I’m waiting to here and see more about the next movie. And like all of us, hoping that JJ Abrams doesn’t screw it up.

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