Sorcerous Origin – Touched by a Deity

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I’ve created a sorcerer NPC, and a Sorcerer PC. While interesting, I don’t think they have enough options. More specifically the two sorcerous origins seem pretty slim. The dragon option seems too cool (flight!), so not sure why anyone would choose the Wild Magic option (let me know in the comments). More to the point, the two options are incredibly different, and don’t seem to have anything in common except the structure of abilities per specific level.

So it being me, and having created a bunch of Cleric Domains, I decided to create a new sorcerous origin. Your character is related (somehow – you decide) to a deity.

Yes, it is close to the Draconic Bloodline, but that is part of the point. The origins are similar, but the abilities are different. Being a third generation step-son of Zeus should be different than having dragon blood.

Because of the variety of deities available to players, there is no way to create anything specific to certain pantheons or gods. For every level above first you should be free to pick and choose boons from your sponsor (deity) that make more sense to you.

Here you go.

I have moved this to the DM’s Guild. It is Pay What You Want ($0.50 suggested).

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