Paladin Oaths – 5e – Oath of Protection

Something new this time, a new Paladin Oath. The group I am running through Hoard of the Dragon Queen made it to 3rd level, and the Paladin in the group (a tiefling – awesome) selected an Oath. I hadn’t really looked at the Oaths, but was a little disappointed that there are only three.

You can guess what is next.

Creating an Oath was a lot harder than the Cleric Domains. I felt like I had to create a lot more story and examples, while still keeping things generic. So spells and abilities like a domain, but also the background and motivation.

I was also disappointed to see that there was nothing about a failed Oath (possibility I missed it is great).

I want to try a couple more of these, which will probably lead to modification of this one. So much of this is guessing because I haven’t played a high level character.

So here is my first Oath. Moved to the DMs Guild. It is pay what you want so still available for free.

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