Cleric Domains – 5e – Protection

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I know what you’re thinking (OK, not really – that’s a different domain), this one sounds easy. And you’re right it was easy – at first.

Two things made this one difficult. First, it was trying to come up with the abilities after first level. There are so many different ways to interpret what Protection means. Add onto that all the spells that are options and it is a little overwhelming. I think that Protection is built so deeply into what a Cleric is about that it can be hard to step outside the “normal” Cleric abilities and focus on Protection. In the end I tried to focus (with the abilities anyway) on helping other PCs in combat. It still feels like it isn’t enough, but I think the variety of spells help to round out the domain. Second difficult piece is coming up with the names for the abilities. I think I’m being too cute.

Anyway, enjoy the Moved to DMs Guild and feel free to leave comments.

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