Cleric Domains – 5e – Jedi

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Yes, Jedi. I was inspired by the teaser trailer.

And yes, this one is just for fun (although it’s pretty much stated out like a regular domain – I mean as much as any of these are stated out like a regular domain). I used a lot of references to the D20 Saga and the movies (and cartoons) as a basis for powers. It was a little tough with spells. Not picking the spells, but seeing the levels that they were available. For example, telekinesis is a high level spell, but is really a starting power for a Jedi. Adding mage hand might be a good option, but it doesn’t scale (at least as written).

I really enjoyed adding the longsword/lightsaber. I know that there is more that can be done with that. No cross hilt sabers – that’s the Sith domain (or something)

Honestly with all the material about Jedi, they could really be written up as their own class – hmmm.

Well, enjoy and let me know what you think.


Just under a year until EP VII. So Happy. It’s going to be cold waiting in line in Minnesota.

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