New Campaign Ideas

With the current campaign coming to an end, of course thoughts turn to what’s next. I’ve wanted to run a superhero campaign for awhile and with my Star Wars needs… Read more »

Savage Starship Troopers

Wow, where the heck have I been – we’ll ignore that for now. At a local gathering of gaming buddies, mostly for the purposes of drinking, and at least a… Read more »

GenCon PCs – Escape from Coruscant

More Info on the PCs for Escape from Coruscant – Personalities. Leader: Hindrances: Heroic, Loyal, Orders (from Package) Orders (not from Package) Edges: Elan (bonus when spend Benny), Command, Natural… Read more »

Wednesday Update

Update number five. W00t. Standard geeky week. Game Production Still working. Added some monsters to the front. Deep dwarves and their zombies. Slow, steady. Tuesday Gaming More Savage Worlds. Dave… Read more »