Wednesday Update

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Hey, second Wednesday in a row. Watch out.

Tuesday Gaming:

We had gaming! I Gm’d a session of my continuing Dungeon World game. I think I did a better job incorporating actions expectations from the players. However, I think that the reveal of the adventure is going a little slow. More next week.

Game Production:

Play test of the next Adventure Front happens this Saturday. My two sons and two daughters of another player in the group will run through it. Nothing can stress test like 4 kids between the age of 8 and 12.

General Geekdom:

Went to see the new Thor movie. Had a good time, lots of fun. The main villain was not very well fleshed out, but who cares – Loki was there. How can you expect to be the main villain when Loki is getting any screen time. Great previews for X-men and  Captain America.

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