Weekly GMing – Rise of Tiamat and the Flying Ice Castle

Starting some weekly DMing tomorrow night with the regular Tuesday group. We completed Hoard of the Dragon Queen and are moving to Rise of Tiamat. First session will likely be leveling up characters, and getting reacquainted with characters. It’s been more than a couple months since we played and I need to get everyone back into their characters. I’ll have the players look at the personality traits, bonds, etc and see what has changed over the course of the past adventures. They’ve established relationships with the other players and the Sword Coast in general. Hopefully looking at those and refreshing them will get everyone back into the adventure.

Of course all this navel gazing may have to wait until we figure out what the party is going to do with the Flying Ice Castle.

Not sure if this counts a Spoilers. Its been more than a couple of years since the book was released. Anyway, if you want to play Hoard of the Dragon Queen and haven’t – stop reading now?


At the end of the last adventure, the party killed Rezmir and took his Black Dragon Mask. Varram escaped (I replaced the Red Wizard Modar with him) on the white dragon. And most importantly, they befriended the giants without crashing the castle. Instead of having the giants just in the employ of the Dragon Cult, I had the Dragon Cult kidnap some giant children and hold them as ransom. The PCs promised to rescue them.

All this means that the PCs are on a Flying Ice Castle that they can at least request to go somewhere. They also have access to A LOT of loot.

What to do with a party like this. The books says give them a scroll of teleport and make them come back to Waterdeep – boring. Also problematic – ask the party what they want to do – to many options.

What’s the middle ground. That is what the questions at the beginning of the session are for. I hope that something will come up that draws the players attention either to Waterdeep, or some other related to the adventure location.

If not, we play it by ear. Bad ideas always lead to the most epic stories – right?

Find out next week.

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