Wednesday Update

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Welcome to the second update of the new year – update 8.

I’m starting again on the 30 day bootcamp, but this time I’m using it to motivate me to complete my games for GenCon. So far so good.

Tuesday Gaming

A small group and missing many from the last Dungeon World adventure so decided to play some board/card games. First up was King of Tokyo. My boys got this for Christmas and we have played a couple of times. It is awesome. Lots of different ways to win, and some easy but cool strategy. Next was Card Against Humanity. So. Damn. Funny. Last was Pandemic. Another great game, but we lost. Playing with five players is too hard, even on a “normal” setting. We played with some of the expansion roles. That combined with moving through the cards too fast ment we couldn’t keep a consistent strategy. Had fun anyway. Another zombie plague wipes out the Earth.

GenCon Prep

More work on the PCs for the Star Wars game. Pinnacle is coming out with a new Science Fiction supplement next week. I’m hoping that there will be some updated rules for droids. The healer/medic is scheduled to be a droid. Next up for the PCs is setting the races. I have some Savaged Star Wars hacks that I’ll be using for guidance (stealing wholesale).

I have idea for the other game, but nothing firm. Right now it is either an Agents of Shield scenario or a Starship Troopers scenario (original Hienlein , not the movie or the cartoon series). In both cases it will likely be Savage Worlds.

Star Wars game has been entered into the GenCon system, but I haven’t finalized yet.

Game Design

As mentioned above, game design has turned into scenario design.

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