Acquisitions Incorporated – Family Time?

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I took my youngest son to see the live broadcast of Acquisitions Incorporated. We had a great time and I think that it has encouraged him to dig a little deeper into DnD. In fact, when I went to play with my weekly group last night he complained that I took the Players Handbook when he wanted to make a new PC (yes!).

So a few comments on the event.

Cons first.

Started late for the rest of the US. 8PM here in Central Time. I’m old (and my son is young).

Ending. The end of the scenario was a let down. The climax came about 15 minutes before the end. See Rap Battle comments below.


Beginning. The intro animation was priceless, and helpful for newbies.

Focus on character actions instead of rules. That’s how you DM for fun. It was a total “Yes, and”.

Sets. Great Hand of Bigby those sets were incredible. And then they pulled the top off the biggest tower.

Imagination. Tipsy the beer robot (BEER ROBOT!!!) is filled with greek fire and ridden into battle. What DM wouldn’t give various anatomical parts to have that kind of imagination at the table.

Patrick Rothfuss. The dude knows how to make stuff up. I truly enjoyed watching the other players amusement at the “leeway” he was given.

A note on language. Jesus Wept. That is what a “normal” DnD game sounds like. OK, maybe not a “normal” game, but pretty close – and f*$^#& @^!#u for thinking any different.

So, I had a great time (and so did my son). We’ll be back for the next installment, unless we can figure out a way to actually show up in person. Not likely as the current plan is to got to GenCon for the 50th anniversary!

Bonus Round.

The Rap Battle at the end was Epic, and a fitting finish to a great night.

See you next year.

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