The Force in Savage Worlds

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While there are plenty of space age/science fiction based games that use Savage Worlds, there isn’t one officially based on the Star Wars setting. There are a ton (a most impressive amount) of home brews and savaged versions, but nothing that I thought was going to be good for my GenCon scenario. Honestly I don’t need much, none of the PCs are Jedi and while there will be some of the force, there won’t be much.

So how to represent the force in Savage Worlds? The most obvious way is to adapt either the the magic or powers systems from the explorer or one of the super hero books. Looking at how many and what type of powers I want to use, I am leaning towards a super hero system (I was unable to find an acceptable hokey religion system). Anyone that can use the force has a Use the Force Edge, that then lets you select powers (I know sort of like magic), then you buy the powers and number of points spent determines how powerful you are.

Some sample powers (not guaranteed to be in the game, just playing around here).

Absorption – absorb energy like blaster bolts and then perform actions at higher power levels

Awareness – sense the force

Deflection – Lightsaber focus – defelct energy bolts – this could be a skill?

Energy Control – Force Lightning?

Fear – Dark Side only

Healing – Light Side only

Heightened Senses – Sense Force?

Leaping – Classic Jedi movement

Mind Control/Mind Reading/Telepathy – Mind Trick/Sense Feelings

Telekinesis – Move Object

A pretty good list. Certainly don’t need them all. Easy to adapt to my game (and no I’m not telling you everything)


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