It’s almost GeCon50 – Ready?

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It’s less than one week until I leave for GenCon50 and preparations continue at too slow of a pace. My basement looks like a game store exploded, and I constantly feel like I need to go to an office supply store.

I normally only prepare for myself and my own games, but this year I’m bringing my two sons (Hooray!). They have been very helpful with maps and LEGO for the game I’m running. But, it’s added more tasks to get them organized and packed.

One thing that is making preparations easier is fewer games. Because I’m bringing my family, we are taking an entire day on the Show Floor, and spending more down-time between games.

How are your preparations coming? What’s different for you this year?

A couple extra bits:

Congrats to the DMs Guild Adepts! I am very jealous and will be working to be included next time (or the time after that).

DnD Beyond is getting ready to launch. I plan on using this in my home game if possible. Will have a more complete review later.

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