GenCon50 – Immediate Reactions

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Just back in town after driving back from GenCon and wanted to share some impressions before they fade away…

  • It felt more crowded. Even with badges selling out, It felt like 10% more people were there. I just saw the press release from GenCon, and it doesn’t seem like quite that many, but it did feel like it.
  • I loved the area in the stadium. Visited the GenCon “Museum” and had a great time. It was also one of the shortest food lines ever in the concourse.
  • Variety of games is better. My two sons attended with me this year, and tried a lot of things I normally wouldn’t, like video games and seminars. They had a great time, and I got to see a few new things.
  • The food trucks were great, but there could be even more.
  • They Might Be Giants was a blast. Next time I’m springing for up close tickets.
  • Demoing games in the dealer room leads to more game purchases. Not a bad thing.
  • Gate Ten parking is great.
  • Leaving gaps in your schedule to relax helps.

I’ll add more detail by day later. Now back to real life….sigh

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