GenCon50 Day 3 & 4

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Saturday of GenCon50 was all about the Dealers Room. Even though we had been there a few times,  the previous days, we didn’t spend a lot of time.

Hardest part of the Dealers Hall is communicating. We eventually settled on texting. There is just too much to not split the party. I wanted to try out a few games, and get some art. The boys wanted to see anything cool, and get some t-shirts. Of course, everyone wanted some new dice.

Most favorite things from the dealers hall were:

  • Rowan – Magnets and Breath of the Wild T-shirt
  • Dominic – Ocarina and Breath of the Wild T-shirt
  • Dad – Yoda and Darth portraits and Brewing board game (and dice)

We also got some GenCon swag, shirts and pins.

After the dealers room, Dominic had a painting and video game event. Rowan and I got some food and did some people watching.

Tiring day with all the walking and noise.

Sunday of GenCon50 was all about Dungeons and Dragons. We created some first level characters and played in some Adventurers League preview games for season seven – Tomb of Annihilation. The boys did really well, especially Dominic who could not seem to roll above a 10 all day. Proud of him for not getting too grumpy. Our two DMs were very good, and handled kids really well. In past years I’ve DMd these time slots so I know how hard it is to prepare five different 1 hour adventures.

After our two games we headed back to the car and headed out of downtown to at least get part way home.

We’ll be back next year now that I have some new GenCon veterans. They are already talking about what games and other events they want to do next – makes me proud.

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