GenCon50 – Day 2

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See the previous post for information about Day 0 & 1

Up early again for day 2 of Gencon. My Love Boat game was at 8AM, so that means everyone is at GenCon.

Our activities for the day:

  • I ran the second installment of Rescue the Love Boat. The players were more focused on combat, but they did end up bringing back the love (and the bard did sing!).
  • The boys had a Japanese video game event and more writing seminars.
  • Lunch at the RAM. Required for a first GenCon
  • Second game as a family – Numenera – Awakening the Jade Colossus. This was a “standard” dungeon crawl, but the GM made it totally worth it.



I got the chance to walk around in Lucas Oil Stadium and see the GenCon history exhibit. It was great to see some old games, games I still own.

I think the highlight of the day was the Numenera game. Great Players, Great GM.




We spent a little more time in the dealers room, but called it a day a little early and went back to the hotel to relax.

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