GenCon50 – Day 0 & 1

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With two extra family members going this year, we started very early Wed for our ten hour drive. Not counting one inattentive minivan, it was an uneventful trip. Our hotel (Hampton Inn south of downtown) was already full of gamers. We unloaded stuff into our room and made our way to the convention center.

Because we stayed outside downtown, I reserved a spot with Gate Ten parking. Outside of one hiccup getting a spot on Thursday AM, they were great. We hardly ever had to wait for a shuttle, and it wasn’t that far of a walk if we wanted to do that.

The rest of my regular group was already there, and we crossed paths at the JW Marriott for dinner. The rest of the evening was spent playing a Star Trek themed Savage Worlds game that my buddy Dave ran a couple of times during GenCon. It was an awesome game, but we were up until midnight.

Stuff we did on Thursday:

  • I ran my Rescue the Love Boat Game. Short a few players, but had a good time (Singing!).
  • The boys went to a painting and a writing seminar (Swag!)
  • Played in a Pip System Game, Super Mario Bros – The Time Pipe. The group and GM were great and we defeated Bowser.
  • Went to the They Might be Giants concert. It was the boys first concert and they had a great time.

We also spent a bit of time in the dealers room. It felt both more and less crowded.

First full day of GenCon was relaxed. I didn’t over-schedule so that we could just walk around and take in a lot of the sights and shows of the convention.

The boys are already planning more things that they can do next year. I feel that we are off to a great start.

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