GenCon2016 – Overall Recap

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With this year being RPG heavy, I didn’t get a chance to see or do much else.

Dealers Hall. Seemed a lot bigger even though I only got to spend a few minutes. Not sure about busier, I was only there to pickup a Kickstarter ( Mega-dungeon V4). One of the friends I went with spent Friday there and was able to demo games fairly easily and found a lot of diversity in the gaming products

Locations and Hotels. I didn’t get a chance to go in Lucas Oil stadium for True Dungeon, but it was nice to have the extension of the Convention center (our hotel was behind the convention center by the stadium). It did seem like all available space was being used. Another reason to have more hotel space available, gaming rooms along with sleeping rooms. The biggest deficiency I found was lack of Starbucks. Man could Indy use some portable coffee places or kiosks or something.

Families. I think I saw more families this year. Maybe just from my DMing for Baldman on Sunday, but it seemed like more kids. It could also possibly be that I was thinking about bringing my own kids next year (Adventure!).

Will Call. I learned my lesson a few years ago and now have everything shipped to me. I saw the line stretch out of the building at one point.

Coming Back. Oh yes. I am coming back next year and probably bringing my two boys. Because of that I kept an eye out for what we could do as a family. If you have any suggestions for two boys age 13 and 14 – please leave a comment.

Thanks again GenCon. Good Times!

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