GenCon 50 – Rescue the Love Boat

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One of my favorite days of the year is Opening Day (baseball – for those who shun the sports ball). It is for me the epitome of hope and new beginnings. Coming a close second is the opening of Event Submissions for GenCon.

*** I’m not including birthday, anniversary, national holiday, etc – too easy for this post***

This weekend, in between the football, kids activities, and church choir, I’ve been working on my next event for GenCon.

As mentioned in my last blog post, I’m going to be running one event that is a continuation of the Return to Gilligan’s Island adventure from last year. I’m going to stick to my original idea of incorporating the Love Boat, but decided there wasn’t enough of an adversarial relationship with just Captain Stubing and crew. Enter Fantasy Island. Why not have conflict between two different television shows that are structured in the same way.

Add in descendants of the Howell’s as the hook to involve the PCs and at least the beginning is set.

I have not yet submitted the event to GenCon, still need to coordinate with the other folks in my group that are running games. Look for them under the group Party of One.

Here’s the Short Description:

Princess Belinda is missing. Last seen as a Special Guest on the Love Boat, she disappeared near mysterious Fantasy Island. King Roderick Howell the 4th asks for your help finding his daughter.

Long Description:

It was just supposed to be just one mission, but success is evidently its own reward and its own problem. King Roderick Howell the 4th’s daughter is missing. Your group brought back the remains of his parents (Thurston and Lovie) and now he needs you to find his daughter. Before her impending marriage, she made one last outing on the cruise ship known as the Love Boat as their Special Guest. However, the entire ship is now missing near the mysterious Fantasy Island. King Roderick is asking your group to find and return his only daughter. Join a group of 60’s TV Stars as they infiltrate Fantasy Island in search of a missing princess.

I’ve included my first shot at leveling up the “Rescue the Love Boat” crew to third level.


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