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Graphing Inspiration

I’ve talked before about using maps for inspiration. For the Dungeon Incorporated game I need two sets of maps. PC maps from the completed dungeon and what has happened since…. Read more »

Dungeon Inc. PC Descriptions

Ongoing effort to complete the PCs for the Dungeon Incorporated game. I’ve completed the descriptions but only have about two thirds of the Character sheets done. The descriptions are all… Read more »

GenCon 2015 Registration

I suspect (hope!) that folks are checking out the site because GenCon registration is right around the corner. I am running two games (2 times each). Dungeons Incorporated (RPG1570856 &… Read more »

PCs for GenCon

Listening to the Happy Jacks podcast last week provided me with an idea for a GenCon game (it may have been one of the hosts or one of the emails… Read more »