Making Something to Sell?

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What would you make to sell as a gaming product?

I had to figure this out for myself. And the better question is what would I buy as a gaming product.

As a GM, I like adventures and accessories (maps, figures, terrain, pre-made NPCs).

Maps are out for now. Can’t draw and can’t afford mapping software. Don’t even want to think about figures.

Terrain is interesting. I use a lot of LEGO terrain in my convention games. It is a pain to transport, but can be fun especially for Star Wars games. So many cool options for Star Wars. At some point I would like to get my sons involved with providing some examples with break downs of pieces used.

That leaves me with adventures. My current system of choice is Dungeon World which makes creating adventures incredibly easy. First, they are licensed under Creative Commons which lets me create products to sell based on their ideas. Second, they have a built in format for adventure and campaign seeds called Fronts. OK, that just leaves the hard part, creating the fronts, and stitching them together into an adventure.

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