Equipment or Abilities

It’s a four hour con game, you select your character and as you’re looking over the sheet. What would you rather see, expendable gear (a bevy of healing potions) or… Read more »

Making Plot Out of PCs

I’m struggling with the plot of my second GenCon game – Escape from Coruscant. I’ve got a beginning and I think a good conflict, but need some intermediary steps for… Read more »

Construction Begins

Putting away some LEGOs today, the boys found some that I could use for GenCon games. Will have to pay them for more bad guys and terrain, but they are… Read more »

Star Wars PCs

One of the issues I know I’m going to have with my Star Wars game is making the PCs different. The premise of the game is that they are a… Read more »

GenCon Questions

If you have any questions on either of my GenCon games, please post a comment. I have uploaded the basics of the PCs for the Savage Troopers game, and hope… Read more »

GenCon Madness Begins

Tomorrow, the first look at this years GenCon events comes out. I love this time of year. Three months out and already the excitement is ramping up. I’ll have 4… Read more »

Goodbye Star Wars?

So with the stroke of a lightsaber, all that has come before/during/after becomes a legend. I guess I’m like most in that there were things I liked (Xwing Series, some… Read more »