Maps and Narrative Play

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I got a jump start on my new years resolutions and started cleaning out my gaming stuff this weekend. One of the things that struck me was the number and variety of maps ( and map pieces and tiles) that I have. The most interesting thing is that I have been playing narrative “mapless” games (Dungeon World and Edge of the Empire) for the last year or so.

Maps were a big part of Star Wars Saga, and of course any version of DnD. Even Savage Worlds is normally map based (but doesn’t have to be). So what’s the deal. Am I just too focused on maps? Do I have a map fetish? Is there some unfulfilled desire to set everything down on a grid and control its every movement! I hope not.

Honestly, I think it might be my inability to draw. I suck at drawing and have an incredible amount of respect for people that can translate thoughts to pictures. Deep down, I think that I want to draw, know that I can’t, and translate that into needing some kind of substitute.

When I run games at cons, I always have some sort of LEGO terrain or figures that stand in for hand drawn maps. Or better yet, I purchase pre-made maps that I either rework too the adventure or build the adventure around the map. Maps of Mastery is an awesome resource.

SO know my biggest issue is how to organize all my maps. I think I’ll take pictures and then build an album. THere are too many to just know which are which and what stack they are in- sigh.

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