Savage Starship Troopers

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Wow, where the heck have I been – we’ll ignore that for now.

At a local gathering of gaming buddies, mostly for the purposes of drinking, and at least a little gaming, I got to run the first part of my Savage Starship game for GenCon. It was great to be forced into creating the PCs and let me see more of what I was missing and still needed to do. I also had to sit down and create the stats for the “bad guys” – also enlightening.

We ran through the opening battle with both the “bad guys”. The balance was pretty good, and I liked how the suit mechanic worked out. Encounter ran a little long. I need to balance diversity with time. Hard to have just a few foes when the good guys have automatic weapons.

Here is the basics for the Powered Suits. I created them before seeing the new SciFi book from Pinnacle. Not too far off:

Standard Trooper Armor Package:

Strength d12+2
+2 pace
Jump Pace +d10 +Suit Skill Success with each raise granting +2 inches – failure means uncontrolled landing
+10 Armor
Communication – Radio – 2 channel encrypted


HUD – locate on any active team member
Active targeting +1 to hit any ranged attack
Sensor Package
Motion Detection
IR and UV – chose one at a time
Locator Beacon
Trauma System

Basic weapons

Flamer – 2d10 burst Cone Template 10 charges
left arm mounted – reservoir tank located on the same arm
Assault Weapon – 2d10 50/100/200 RoF – 3 – 300 rounds (possible second load – 300 more)
Right Arm mounted – ammo from a clip on the back
Missile Rack – 2HE targeted, 2 AP targeted, 2 mines
HE – Blast – Medium – 4d8
AP – Blast – Medium – 3d8 – AP6
Mines – Blast  – Large – timed (up to 3 rounds) – 3d6

Missiles are fire and forget – check target on HUD and suit computer will take over.

HtH – Each arm is also equipped with bladed extensions –  they do STR +2d6 – they can be “launched” with a small explosive charge to do 3d6 damage only up to a range of 6

First Pass at sample characters is attached. I’m sure there will be changes.

Draco Roboticus

UPDATE: Working on balance issues between PCs – next Spelling!

Savage Trooper PCs

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