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I can hear GenCon coming. It’s like a train, and I’m stuck on the bridge. I can either run or jump. But like a good group of PCs, I choose neither. I outsource.

One of my favorite props for GenCon games is LEGOs. The minifigs are just about the right size to use with “regular” miniatures and there are such a variety of styles that you can build for almost any game.

Of course when I say “you” I really mean my kids (for me that’s two boys ages 13 and 12). I’m a hack compared to these two gentlemen.

Here’s an example of some of the work I’ve outsourced.

clones hutsThe first is for the Return to Gilligan’s Island and the second are the PC minis for the Star Wars Savage game.

My underage contractors are making some more, but the pictures would give away some story – so you’ll have to wait.

Come find me at GenCon – or wait for the after action report, I promise to have more pictures.

Look for the Party of One events. We are sold out right now, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be spots for generics.

I’m also DMing for the Adventurers League/Baldman Games on Sunday. I would love to have you in my game (I think it’s the Season 5 preview, but things could change). DMing on Sunday is awesome because of all the families.

Hopefully you can find your own outsourcers for your own games – GenCon or not.

At the very least, it can prevent GM burnout to have someone else help with the prep.

No spoilers this week. I hope too have one more Tyranny of Dragons episode before GenCon.

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