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Now that work has slowed I’m starting to work on my games for GenCon. First up is a DnD 5e game, Return to Gilligan’s Island. I stole the idea from an event I saw listed at Gamehole Con. I think it was just a Gilligan’s Island game then. At the time, my oldest son was fixated on the TV show Lost – so I combined the two.

Here’s the long description from the GenCon’s site:

They came in the middle of the night with fire and smoke and blades. The Howells went down first, not even making it out of the hut. Mary Ann and Ginger were dragged off into the jungle. The Professor tried. He’s the reason we’re still alive. Crazy scientist blew himself up along with a bunch of the invaders. In the confusion we ran for it. Hid in the jungle for a week building a raft. I guess it takes death to finally force someone to action. They called themselves the Gygaxians, and they need to be punished. Now, we’re coming for them.

I blogged about this a few months ago. It was a game I played with some friends at a local game day.

First decision is to limit the number of characters. For the game day, I had eight PCs. For GenCon I need to limit to six. Gilligan and Skipper are required. After that, I need, a cleric (Flying Nun), and magic user (Samantha from Bewitched). This leaves two more “extras”. I prepared the following for the previous game, Jeb Clampet (Bard – banjo), Tonto (Ranger – irony), Rod Serling (Sorcerer), and Herman Munster (Paladin – always does the right thing). The adventure is mostly outdoors based. Not really a spoiler – it’s an island – so will likely choose Tonto. Last character is going to be Jeb. Everyone loves a Bard (OK, maybe just me).

Next step is to alter the encounters to make sure they scale down from 8 PCs to 6.

Shameless Plug. I have a new product on on DMs Guild. War Chanter. The War Chanter aids allies and hinders enemies during combat. The difference is that I created a Feat, Cleric Domain, Fighter Archetype, and Bard College. The fun/work for me was seeing what features and abilities each class required for its archetype. Oddly, Bards got the fewest options. Please take a look and if you do pick it up let me know what you think.

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