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Yes I missed my Wednesday update. I was preparing for missing posts due to Christmas and New Years? I know, lame.

A couple days ago I got a holiday email from my good friends at GenCon. I love GenCon. It’s so nice to be surrounded by so many that feel the same way about so many things (not just gaming). Besides wishing me a Happy Holiday, they wanted to get me thinking about submitting games and make sure I knew that the deadlines are fast approaching. So like a good little elf, I started working on my first scenario, Escape from Coruscant. It is a zombie/Star Wars mashup that has a small elite team of rebels trying to rescue scientists on Coruscant after a virus turns every humanoid into a flesh eating monster. It’s a wonder I sleep at all.

This year my focus for my GenCon scenarios is to make the PCs more interesting. So lets look at the basics of the party.


Six players. I have found that more than 6 players means I can’t give everyone the attention they deserve in four hours.

System. Currently leaning towards Savage Worlds. Easy PC creation, and hindrances make role playing easier. And the system makes good zombies.

Time. Four hours means not too much back story. Players should understand their characters in under 10 minutes.

Variety. Yes this is an elite rebel assault team. However, six identical shooters is a dull game no matter how many zombies.


Team Makeup. Need a leader, a tech, driver?, heavy weapons/explosives, sniper, close assault? (maybe not – zombies), medic, communication – what needs to overlap

Equipment. How would the rebellion equip a group?

Species. What aliens would make the most fun.

Hindrances/Disadvantages. What make


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