GenCon PCs – Escape from Coruscant

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Still working on the PCs for my first GenCon adventure.

System. I’ve settled on Savage Worlds. I was seduced by a Star Wars/Dungeon World hack that came out last week, but ultimately Savage Worlds won out. I think it was the ease of making the PCs and the pre-made zombies. Also, I have heard that there is a new science fiction supplement coming out for Savage Worlds.

The only disadvantage I have is that I need to create the races for the PCs and any NPCs. Thankfully not hard in Savage Worlds.

After trying to create each PC by hand I realized that they are all Rebellion Special Forces and created a package for them.

Orders (minor)

2 Fighting d6
2 Shooting d6
1 Knowledge Rebellion d4
1 Knowledge Tactics d4
1 Notice d4

The scenario didn’t seem right for “new recruits”, so they will start Seasoned with two additional steps.

The list of roles so far includes:

Leader, Second in Command (driver/communications), Sniper, Tech, Medic, and Heavy Weapons.

One of them will be a droid and at least two are non-human.

Next up – personalities!

Draconis Roboticus




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