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GenCon Questions

If you have any questions on either of my GenCon games, please post a comment. I have uploaded the basics of the PCs for the Savage Troopers game, and hope… Read more »

GenCon Madness Begins

Tomorrow, the first look at this years GenCon events comes out. I love this time of year. Three months out and already the excitement is ramping up. I’ll have 4… Read more »

Savage Starship Troopers

Wow, where the heck have I been – we’ll ignore that for now. At a local gathering of gaming buddies, mostly for the purposes of drinking, and at least a… Read more »

GenCon PCs – Escape from Coruscant

More Info on the PCs for Escape from Coruscant – Personalities. Leader: Hindrances: Heroic, Loyal, Orders (from Package) Orders (not from Package) Edges: Elan (bonus when spend Benny), Command, Natural… Read more »